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On Sat, May 27, 2017 at 4:57 PM, raptorsds <raptorsds at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi Martin
>> Hi Tobias,
>> On Thu, May 25, 2017 at 8:35 PM, Tobias Baumann
>> <017623705678 at o2online.de> wrote:
>>> hi martin
>>> oleg (balbes150)  from armbian forum told me you could need some help
>>> iam new to linux but i can test images and files for you
>>> my system OTT M8S Clone TVBox with S812 8GBRom 2GB RAM RTL8723BS WIFI BT
>>> Combo HDMI 2xUSB
>>> ( run as server for USB Printer and Sane server for canon scanner)
>>> at the moment i use the armbian unbuntu rom from oleg with 3.10.99 kernel
>>> (14 04 2017 ) with working wifi usb and internet also i could run a
>>> successful test the 4.11 kernel
>> disclaimer: I cannot really help with Amlogic's 3.10/3.14 kernel
> But  maybe than  i can help by 4.11 kernel test for older devices
you need to be aware of the fact that my kernel patches are experimental.
what you get is:
- one CPU core at the frequency set by the bootloader
- maybe USB (Oleg has problems with it while it works for me)
- maybe ethernet (again, Oleg has problems while it works for me)
- SD card
- front LED

basically everything else is broken (wifi, CPU cores 2-4, cpu frequency
scaling, etc.). I even managed to corrupt u-boot when I was testing my
NAND driver.

what "older" devices do you have? and do you have access to the serial
console of these devices?

>>> my project now is to control the front LED
>> what are you trying to control exactly?
> red = stop
> blue = boot/start
> red/blue (maybe dimming) = run
> blinking = update (maybe)
let me explain how where the LED is controlled currently:
- red LED turns on automatically (probably because it's wired to VCC)
when the device is powered on
- u-boot turns on the blue LED
- (kernel boots)
- the kernel can now control the LED partially (as explained in my
previous mail, you can only set the "mix" between red and blue - you
can't turn it off)

so with another kernel you can only change the LED color from the
point on where the kernel is started. you'll have no control over it
(without additional work on the u-boot side) for the first seconds
after powering on the device.

>>> but there is a problem  oleg send my the dts for led but without gpio .
>> my m8s.dts doesn't use a GPIO because the LED is connected to
>> GPIO_TEST_N which can also be controlled by one of the PWM controllers
>> (this allows dimming the LED to a certain level, but in my case the
>> LED is a dual-color LED with blue and red: the further you reduce the
>> brightness of the (blue) LED the more you see of the red one -> if you
>> turn off the blue LED it turns red)
> I though  " GPIO_TEST_N " was a placeholder .  I havent any trigger at
> /sys/class/leds , how  can i controll PWM for LED
are you testing this on a 3.10/3.14 kernel or on a kernel with my
patches? I think the Amlogic kernel does not use the kernel's LED
framework, so the LEDs are not exposed in /sys/class/leds
if it's one of my kernels (I think Oleg has compiled some images with
them) then please post the kernel log (dmesg)

>>> maybe you can assist
>>> thanks Tobias
>>> PS: i am from Germany so i am more comfortable and faster in german
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