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Sun May 7 14:30:38 PDT 2017

On Sun, May 7, 2017 at 11:23 PM, Oleg <balbes-150 at yandex.ru> wrote:
>> this sounds innocent at first but actually it's crucial for MMC (at
>> least in the current M8S configuration). PWM_E is used to generate the
>> 32.768 kHz clock for the wifi chip. so without CONFIG_PWM_MESON the
>> pwm_ef node won't get probed, meaning that a dependency of the mmc
>> controller is missing.
>> I'll fix that as well next weekend (it also has to be enabled in
>> multi_v7_defconfig)
> I found in the configuration CONFIG_PWM_MESON and put =y.
>  Or you need to add code / patch in the source code ?
adding the configuration should be enough - Neil did a good job with
the actual driver code (it's working fine for me :))

>> this looks suspicious, do you have anything connected to that port?
>> I've seen that when connecting a 2.5" HDD when the PSU doesn't have
>> enough power to spin up the HDD as well.
> This TV box have 2 USB port.
> One port is connected to the external hub
> (this hub connecned USB keyboard and mouse from PC).
I am assuming you are testing on the MXIII Plus [0]:
the S812 SoC (just like all other Amlogic SoCs) comes with two USB controllers:
- one for the OTG port
- a second one which only acts in host mode -> this is typically
connected to an internal hub (often through a GL852 USB hub
controller) which then provides more than one port

I had a quick look at the .dts files - on my Akaso M8S GPIOZ_1 is not
connected anywhere (at least toggling the GPIO doesn't change anything
in terms of USB VBUS signal).
however, your board has: gpio-vbus-power = "GPIOZ_1";
it's very likely that the GL852 hub is powered off by default and is
powered on by enabling GPIOZ_1
but since my .dts is not enabling GPIOZ_1 the hub stays powered off
and USB is not working for you
(in other words: this will require additional changes in the .dts to
make it work)


[0] http://www.tronsmart.com/products/tronsmart-mxiii-plus-2g/8g-quad-core-android-tv-box

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