[PATCH 0/2] i2c: meson: add gxbb compatible string

Wolfram Sang wsa at the-dreams.de
Sat Sep 24 01:41:54 PDT 2016

> I did state some reasons previously. Consistent rules for submitters
> of DT bindings and being able to trace history beyond git. Now, I
> guess you aren't changing the rules, but you probably aren't
> requesting people to split DT bindings either? You might not be aware,
> but we also generate a DT only tree with git-filter-branch[1] for
> non-kernel projects to use bindings and dts files. For that, sure they
> will only get the DT binding part of it, but what commit text do they
> get? Finally, DT maintainer acks (which from me is a review really)
> apply to the bindings only. Sometimes I review the drivers, but not
> often. So I would like the git history of my reviews to be accurate in
> terms of what I actually reviewed.

Points taken. Will keep them seperate from now on.



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