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Tue Nov 29 05:02:43 PST 2016

So what is missing? ge2d, v4l support maybe? I do not count mali, not
sure what is the chance of supporting mali.
Also what is vpu and what is ge2d? I was always interested in what is
what but no info
ahh and hdmi is not supported, I know

W dniu 29.11.2016 o 13:28, Neil Armstrong pisze:
> On 11/28/2016 11:38 AM, Michał Zegan wrote:
>> 	Hello.
>> I am wondering about one thing: I do not know devices inside of for
>> example odroid c2, but when configuring the amlogic kernel, you have:
>> a vpu device
>> a ge2d driver
>> a vout/osd driver and logo driver
>> and encoders/postprocess managers/whatever
>> What it corresponds to in the display controller patch that is being
>> integrated at this time?
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> Hi Michał,
> The Amlogic Kernel implements the video pipeline out of the DRM/KMS and v4l frameworks, and
> must handle much more uses cases like Video Encoding, Video Capture, ....
> The DRM patch integrates the equivalents of amlogic modules : vpu, vout, osd, postprocess managers
> The ge2d is not used yep, and encoders will be used to encoder video but will be used with the v4l framework.
> Neil
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