[PATCH 4/7] meson: clk: Add CLKIDs for DT binding

Michael Turquette mturquette at baylibre.com
Tue Jul 5 17:33:20 PDT 2016

Hi Alexander,

Quoting Alexander Müller (2016-07-05 10:56:28)
> +#define CLKID_AO_AHB_BUS       91
> +#define CLKID_AO_IFACE         92
> -#define CLK_NR_CLKS            (CLKID_MPEG_DIV + 1)
> +#define CLK_NR_CLKS            (CLKID_AO_IFACE + 1)

Did you take a look at how I did this for gxbb? I like to limit the
number of clocks exposed in DT as much as possible. This is because a DT
binding (of which this header is a part) constitutes an immutable ABI
which shall only be relinquished when the Sun burns out and our solar
system dies.

Also, putting NR_CLKS inside of the binding is kind of gross, since the
binding doesn't care about that value, but the driver does. The GXBB clk
driver has two headers: one internal to Linux with the bulk of the
clks and NR_CLKS, and a second one in the shared DT header chroot that
only exposes the bare minimum necessary.


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