[PATCH 1/1] ARM: owl: Add Actions Semi Owl S500 SoC machine

Cristian Ciocaltea cristian.ciocaltea at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 01:28:53 PST 2021

Hi Andreas,

On Fri, Mar 12, 2021 at 09:39:31AM +0100, Andreas Färber wrote:
> Hi Cristian,
> On 11.03.21 20:19, Cristian Ciocaltea wrote:
> > Add machine entry for the S500 variant of the Actions Semi Owl SoCs
> > family.
> > 
> > For the moment the only purpose is to provide the system serial
> > information which will be used by the Owl Ethernet MAC driver to
> > generate a stable MAC address.
> Can't that be done in either a sys_soc driver or U-Boot?

I will look first at the sys_soc driver approach.

I haven't started working on the U-Boot side yet, but I'm planning to do
so as soon as possible. Last time when I checked, there was some initial
support only for the S700 and S900 SoCs, but I will do my best to add
also the S500 to the list.


> Regards,
> Andreas
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