[PATCH v7 0/5] Add initial support for ATC260x PMICs

Cristian Ciocaltea cristian.ciocaltea at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 07:16:56 PST 2021

On Mon, Feb 22, 2021 at 09:02:47AM +0000, Lee Jones wrote:
> On Sun, 21 Feb 2021, Cristian Ciocaltea wrote:
> > Hi Lee,
> > 
> > I have just noticed your mfd-next tag for 5.12 doesn't include the
> > support for the ATC260x PMICs.
> > 
> > I assumed the patchset is ready for merging.. Did I miss something?
> The MFD driver needs another review.
> For some reason, this didn't register on my TODO list.

You have already tagged v6 with 'Acked-for-MFD-by: Lee Jones
<lee.jones at linaro.org>':

I have submitted v7 to drop the patches that had been already picked up,
as previously agreed, but otherwise there are no other changes.

That is why I didn't expect another round of review..

> In general, if you don't receive a review within ~2 weeks of posting
> (and the merge window is not open), you should consider it lost and
> submit a [RESEND].



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