ANN: libnl 3.8.0 released

Thomas Haller thaller at
Tue Aug 29 02:51:56 PDT 2023

Dear libnl community,

A new release of libnl3 is available: 3.8.0.

Please get it from github:

This comes more than 13 months after 3.7 release, with 148 patches.

New API:

    - rtnl_link_bond_set_activeslave
    - rtnl_link_bond_set_mode
    - rtnl_link_bridge_get_vlan_filtering
    - rtnl_link_bridge_get_vlan_protocol
    - rtnl_link_bridge_get_vlan_stats_enabled
    - rtnl_link_bridge_set_vlan_filtering
    - rtnl_link_bridge_set_vlan_protocol
    - rtnl_link_bridge_set_vlan_stats_enabled
    - rtnl_link_inet6_get_conf
    - rtnl_link_info_ops_get
    - rtnl_neigh_get_nhid
    - rtnl_neigh_set_nhid
    - rtnl_nh_alloc
    - rtnl_nh_alloc_cache
    - rtnl_nh_get
    - rtnl_nh_get_fdb
    - rtnl_nh_get_gateway
    - rtnl_nh_get_group_entry
    - rtnl_nh_get_group_size
    - rtnl_nh_get_id
    - rtnl_nh_put
    - rtnl_nh_set_fdb
    - rtnl_nh_set_gateway

Internal changes:

- python code is now reformatted with python black and checked with 
  flake8. That is also enforced by github actions.
- recently added C sources are now formatted with clang-format, and a 
  github action checks that those and new files are formatted as such.
- fix licensing issues of a few files.
- improve the build scripts.
- avoid non-reentrant libc functions.
- rework the internal include directories and split headers so that 
  each header has a clear function and place where it can (and cannot) 
  be used.
- reimport all linux headers and include missing headers that we use.
- add a github action to build against musl (on Alpine Linux).

For details, check the git history.



Thanks to everyone who contributed to the new release:

Abdurrahman Hussain, Antonio Prcela, Benjamin Poirier, Davide Caratti,
Emeel Hakim, Jonas Gorski, Langer, Thomas, Leon M. George, Mallikarjun
Nemagoudar, Robert Dabrowski, Stanislav Zaikin, Thomas Haller, Thomas
Langer, Thorben Römer
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