libnl 3.2.8

Thomas Graf tgraf at
Thu Apr 26 05:35:57 EDT 2012

Hello everyone

I'm pleased to announce the release of libnl 3.2.8. It contains
various fixes and several new API additions.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release.

Brett Ciphery (1):
      add new function to provide neighbour event parsing

Nicolas CARRIER (1):
      Memory leak in classid.c

Romary Sonrier (1):
      missing extended Table attribute for lib/route/

Shriram Rajagopalan (1):
      Support plug qdisc - queue traffic until explicit release

Thierry Reding (1):
      Add new nl_cache_clone() function.

Thomas Graf (25):
      doc: Fix typos in autoconf example
      doc: Fix incorrect nl_socket_add_memberships() example
      genl-ctrl-list: Introduce -d|--details as a shortcut for --format=details
      genl-ctrl-list: Provide manual page
      genl-ctrl-list: fix copyright and summary
      genl-ctrl-list: Mark for installation
      cache_mngr: document uncommon error codes
      tests: Convert tests/Makefile to use automake
      tests: fix test programs to compile again
      cache_mngr: Don't modify callback setup of socket
      cache_manager: Move documentation to doc/core.txt
      cache_mngr: Automatically allocate socket if needed
      test-cache-mngr: Let the cache manager allocate the socket
      cache_mngr: Fix memory corruption after resizing
      nl: Make nl_recvmsgs() return the number of netlink messages processed
      cache_mngr: Let nl_cache_mngr_data_ready() read multiple messages
      cache_mngr: API doc updates
      cache_mngr: Provide nl_cache_mngr_info() to pring cache manager details
      test-cache-mngr: Allow for management of arbitary caches via argument string
      cache_mngr: Make providing the result pointer to nl_cache_mngr_add() optional
      genl: Make genl_unregister() a NOP if NULL pointer is passed
      cache: improve documentation of co_event_filter
      cache: Add co_include_event allowing caches to provide their own nl_cache_include() implementation
      object: Add functions to access the object type, cache and object ops
      3.2.8 release

The source tarball can be found at the usual location:


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