rtnl_route_alloc_cache lost some route messages

Thomas Graf tgraf at infradead.org
Sat Apr 21 09:54:27 EDT 2012

On Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 07:10:20AM -0400, Thomas Graf wrote:
> This would be an explanation. Do you see the issue with the patch
> included?

I have pushed several cache manager related fixes to the git tree
and provided a new testing tool in tests/test-cache-mngr.c

Run 'make check' to compile it.

It will dump the contents of the manager after each polling
intervall and thus will allow for easy debugging of such problems.

$ tests/test-cache-mngr route/link
cache-manager <0xb613a0>
  .protocol = route
  .flags    = 0x3
  .nassocs  = 16
  .sock     = <0xb61330>
  .cache[0] = <0xb61370> {
    .name = route/link
    .change_func = <0x400af0>
    .change_data = <(nil)>
    .nitems = 8
    .objects = {
      lo loopback <loopback,up,running,lowerup> 
      p20p1 ether 00:1f:d0:ae:3f:2a <broadcast,multicast,up> 
      p21p1 ether 00:1f:d0:ae:41:99 <broadcast,multicast,up,running,lowerup> 
      virbr1 ether 52:54:00:33:4b:7a <broadcast,multicast,up> 
      virbr1-nic ether 52:54:00:33:4b:7a master virbr1 <broadcast,multicast> 
      virbr0 ether 52:54:00:cb:da:db <broadcast,multicast,up> 
      virbr0-nic ether 52:54:00:cb:da:db master virbr0 <broadcast,multicast> 
      tun0 nohdr <pointopoint,multicast,noarp,up,running,lowerup> 

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