bug in nl_cache_mngr_data_ready / nl_cache_refill / nl_cache_resync [+patch proposition]

Thomas Graf tgraf at infradead.org
Sat Apr 21 06:51:20 EDT 2012

On Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 01:09:10PM -0400, Thomas Graf wrote:
> What we can do is extend recvmsgs() do offer both behaviours
> and have the cache manager direct it to continue reading
> as long as there is data.
> I'll fix that. I'm planning to look into and improve the
> cache manager anyway. It's not reliable enough at the moment.

See commit a518a31 (cache_mngr: Let nl_cache_mngr_data_ready()
read multiple messages).

It should fix your case Brett while keeping the behaviour for
blocking sockets the same.

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