bug in nl_cache_mngr_data_ready / nl_cache_refill / nl_cache_resync [+patch proposition]

Brett Ciphery brett.ciphery at windriver.com
Thu Apr 12 17:16:18 EDT 2012

[bug in nl_cache_mngr_data_ready / nl_cache_refill / nl_cache_resync] On 11/04/2012 (Wed 10:55) Brett Ciphery wrote:

> I've been using the libnl cache facilities recently for route and have
> been seeing some interesting results when explicitly repopulating the
> cache.  It seems the update functions won't process all the new events
> in a single invocation.


> Using nl_cache_refill is a little different in that count remains
> constant at 4 until I add the 10 routes, and then it drops to 1 but
> route_process only sees/parses every odd route,
> ...  Then count goes to 0 for a few iterations, and then
> back to 14 (as expected).

Parsing every odd route turned out to be me accidentally using
nl_cache_mngr_data_ready() serially with nl_cache_refill().  After I
realized this it showed the same behaviour e.g. incrementing by 1.


The below patch makes nl_cache_mngr_data_ready() behave as expected, but
it's hard to say if it will have effects across the library.  I tried
nl_cache_refill() and it was less broken :-) ... but one remaining
issue.  The first looping call to nl_cache_refill() after 10 route
inserts caused it to add 20 routes (duplicates of the 10) to its cache.
The second loop iteration corrected it so count went from 24 -> 14.




commit 6556567d7db11712bed32c9c4cfa1b6560d16da1
Author: Brett Ciphery <brett.ciphery at windriver.com>
Date:   Thu Apr 12 16:57:52 2012 -0400

    make recvmsgs() repeatedly call nl_recv() until error

    recvmsgs() was not processing all messages available in
    the socket and instead was handling one per call.  this
    had other transient effects such as not fully updating a
    cache when explicitly requested to do so using

    Signed-off-by: Brett Ciphery <brett.ciphery at windriver.com>

diff --git a/lib/nl.c b/lib/nl.c
index bcf89da..c0c47ff 100644
--- a/lib/nl.c
+++ b/lib/nl.c
@@ -740,10 +740,7 @@ skip:
        msg = NULL;
        creds = NULL;

-       if (multipart) {
-               /* Multipart message not yet complete, continue reading
-               goto continue_reading;
-       }
+       goto continue_reading;
        err = 0;

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