libnl 3.1 released

Thomas Graf tgraf at
Fri Aug 12 05:28:54 EDT 2011


I've released libnl 3.1 which consists mostly of bugfixes and documentation
updates although there have been some feature additions as well.


  - a ton of documentation updates including:
      - new doxygen documentation layout with a navigation sidebar
      - ToC sidebar for asciidoc based documentation
      - a lot of new documentation
      - new website (

 - new features
      - link bonding support
      - support for NLM_F_INTR (recent kernels only)

 - bugfixes

 - more python bindings (still experimental) 

You can find the tarball here:

The git tree has been tagged with libnl3_1 marking the release point


Bryan Phillippe (1):
      link: fix unaligned access to 64bit link stats

Christian Ruppert (1):
      Don't redefine offsetof when already defined by e.g. stddef.h

Daniel Walter (2):
      add missing checks for ROUTE_ATTR_MULTIPATH
      add missing nl_cache_search in cache.h

Nicolas Sitbon (1):
      correctly handle the object not found case

Pavel Roskin (3):
      Remove write-only variables in lib/cache.c
      Make some functions and global variables static
      Put "break" inside the "if" block in route_compare()

Romary Sonrier (1):
      Adding rule with "From" option doesn't work

Thierry Reding (2):
      Fix out-of-tree build.
      Fix "make distcheck".

Thomas Graf (67):
      Documentation updates
      Omit empty nested attributes
      Set default MTU to 1500
      Add NLE_NODEV error
      Check if all mandatory attributes are present in rtnl_tc_msg_build()
      Cleanup <netlink/route/qdisc.h>     - remove dead prototypes     - reformat
      Allow NLSYSCONFDIR environment variable to overwrite built-in sysconfdir
      Deprecate rtnl_qdisc_foreach_child() and rtnl_qdisc_foreach_cls()
      Add nl_send_sync()
      Qdisc API improvements and documentation
      trafic class/classifer API improvements and documentation
      Move to asciidoc
      Provide TC_HANDLE(maj, min) macro to generate tc handles
      Initialize dump buffer in case caller missed it
      Provide nl_object_dump_buf() to easily dump to buffers
      Provide nl_cache_set_arg{1,2}() to specify cache args
      link: Make return and argument type match
      link: Provide rtnl_link_delete() to delete virtual links
      API to issue direct GET requests to the kernel
      fix line removed by mistake
      Improve rtnl_link_change()  behaviour
      Support for rtnl_link_add()
      dummy interface support
      export rtnl_link_add() and rtnl_link_build_add_request()
      Add support for ARPHRD_NONE
      Support link info types with no payload
      Expose <netlink/route/link/inet.h>
      Improve readability of classid string representation
      Set tc->tc_link if link cache is available
      Fix clone() of AF specific link data
      Provide rtnl_tc_get_link() and fix link refcnt
      Add missing declaration of rtnl_tc_get_link()
      addr: store link object and provide rtnl_addr_get()
      Use name "global" instead of "universe" for largest scope
      python interface to netlink protocols
      Provide silent variation of nl_cache_require()
      Add rtnl_tc_data_check()
      Add nl_rate2str()
      Provide documentation for rtnl_tc_data() and rtnl_tc_data_check()
      Update local copies of include/linux
      HTB: Add support for level and direct pkt stats, complete access functions
      Work on libnl-python
      neigh: include ndm flags while building message
      socket: Set SOCK_CLOEXEC if available
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Support for NLM_F_INTR
      documentation updates
      Documentation updates
      Include IFLA_LINK in link messages
      more documentation updates
      bonding link module
      ignore various generated files
      ignore python build directory
      Use 'link type' instead of 'link info type'
      VLAN: rtnl_link_is_vlan() function and API documentation
      removed autogenerated swig interface files from git tree
      use rtnl_link_set/get_type()
      include <linux/if.h> from <netlink/route/link.h> to export IFF_* flags
      Hack doxygen CSS to avoid stupid margins in modules listing
      Updated link documentation
      Allow building documentation out of the tree
      Avoid freeing memory if vasprintf() failed
      make port map thread safe
      Include all files necessary to build documentation in distribution
      python: Include python/ in distribution and provide a README on how to build & install
      doc: need to include @srcdir@/src not @top_srcdir@/src
      3.1 release

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