libnl feature request: sending NFQA_PAYLOAD for NF_QUEUE

Karl Hiramoto karl at
Mon Feb 22 14:55:41 EST 2010


I'd like to alter the payload using NF_QUEUE,  it looks like the basic 
problem is that nl_sendmsg()  does not allow sending multiple "struct 
iovec", where iovec[0] is  nlmsg_hdr(msg),  and iovec[1] is my payload.

I've though of various solutions, what would be the cleanest or recommended?

1.  create a nl_sendmsg_iovec() that  allows sending extra iovec 
param.   In this case nl_sendmsg() could be refactored.

2. create nlmsg_set_iovec() to be clean when creating the message   and 
nlmeg_get_iovec()  inside of nl_sendmsg()

3.  Just create myown  nlcb->cb_send_ow()



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