Libertas 8688 micro-AP

John O'Donnell unixjohn1969 at
Fri Apr 22 03:09:39 EDT 2011


I am working with the armedslack distribution group (Slackware for ARM).  Some 
of us use Guruplug machines with wireless.  The driver patch that Marvell uses 
provides a working driver for older Linux kernels.  So far I have not seen 
updates to this patch and as newer kernels arrive I keep patching and patching 
the original driver patch.  This is what I have working so far bundled into one 
patch that our users are actively using:

I contacted a developer at Marvell yesterday to find out where this originated 
from as I have alot of questions about the driver.  They pointed me to this 
mailing list.

Why isnt this driver in the kernel proper yet?  Is there something holding back 
its release?  We want to include it in standard Slackware but cannot until it 
gets included into the kernel, so I keep handing out patches to our community 
and it gets shared out to whomever needs a patch to a clean kernel.

What needs to be done?  Who maintains this?  Is there a more current version I 
dont know about so I dont have to keep updating it myself against the latest 

Thank you in Advance
John O'Donnell

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