Problem of new SD8686 chip from USI

Ivan Li lijinlei1 at
Thu Mar 25 09:16:46 EDT 2010

Hi guys,

We use USI WM-G-MR-9 for a long time and it works very well.
We use Linux 2.6.26, and with libertas changes from Linux 2.6.28.

Several days ago we were informed that WM-G-MR-9 was replaced by WM-G-MR-9-Ref-2.
From USI we got 2 samples, unfortunately, we got a bad result.

1. We get less APs from scan result. (With WM-G-MR-9 we can get 3 APs but now we can get only one)
2. The signal strength libertas reports is less than before. (i.e. WM-G-MR-9 reports 95~99, but WM-G-MR-9-Ref-2 reports about 80).

Does anybody have same problem with me?

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