[PATCH] libertas: add auto auth mode feature

Holger Schurig holgerschurig at gmail.com
Tue Mar 2 04:56:47 EST 2010

> Could one option be to temporarily drop all Libertas mesh support
> until cfg80211 supports mesh start/join, and then bring it back under
> that new interface?

That could be the case. It's just that cfg80211 supports MESH start/join.

However, cfg80211's mesh is very different from Libertas' mesh. Libertas mesh 
is, from a start/join perspective, very much like IBSS (a.k.a. ad-hoc). You 
specify more or less only an SSID.

> Johannes' suggestion sounds good, basically the mac80211 mesh
> implementation and Libertas would use this start/join command set.

No, this doesn't sound good: cfg80211's mesh has nothing to do with Libertas' 
mesh. And Libertas' mesh wouldn't use any of cfg80211's mesh parameters, e.g. 
none of the "iw XXX get mesh_param" from iw makes sense with Libertas.

I really see this options:

* get rid of Liberas mesh, as no on in mainline linux uses it anyway and
  the sole user stopped working with mainline linux years ago
* implement proprietary Libertas' mesh to nl80211/cfg80211/iw, which no-one
  except libertas will ever use
* let a mesh-capable libertas wlan card create a second cfg80211-
  controlled interface, which just re-uses the cfg80211-ibss-join/leave
  commands (I have code for this!).
* create a frankenmonster, where STA/IBSS is controlled via cfg80211,
  but mesh is controlled via WEXT. And what do we do when, once upon a
  time, WEXT goes away?
* keep things as they are, cfg80211 + libertas-mesh is futile



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