Using iwconfig to generate carrier signals for test?

Reginald Perrin reggyperrin at
Wed Jun 2 08:44:31 EDT 2010

>Hmm, what exactly do you mean by "Carrier signals"?  Do you just want to
>change the power, freq, and modulation?  Or is there other stuff?

>iwconfig can change many of these settings, but not necessarily all of
>them.  It can certainly change frequency/channel and TX power, but
>setting the modulation is likely not possible via iwconfig.  It may be
>possible to force a modulation by locking the card's bitrate to <=
>11Mbit though, not sure about that.


Hi Dan,

Sorry, carrier was probably a bad choice  Generate data traffic in the selected mode?  Something to allow design testing of the antenna, etc.


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