[PATCH] libertas: Add auto deep sleep support for SD8385/SD8686/SD8688

Holger Schurig hs4233 at mail.mn-solutions.de
Fri Sep 18 03:37:42 EDT 2009

> I agree on this. Debugfs is for debug only and should stay
> that way. What do other driver in regard to this?

I see this now as an example where a Manufacturer (Marvell) 
starts to work with the community, has a nice feature (probably 
bacause of customer-request) and cannot get this into the kernel 
because of this issue :-)

Debugfs isn't suitable for anything except debugging. It is, per 
definition, an interface for developers that want to debug it. 
The idea is that a kernel for end-user devices won't even have 
debugfs compiled in.

If libertas currently does use debugfs for something != 
debugging?  I don't know, but than that has been a lapse, an 
oversight. Let's not do that oversight again.

So you can use

* iwpriv
* sysfs
* kernel module parameters
* nl80211/cfg80211
* Maybe the new "stable debugfs" proposed by Rostedt (see the
  Article "A stable debugfs" on http://lwn.net/Articles/350463/,
  but here it's not even clear that this will come).

For me, iwpriv seems the best candidate as long as libertas 
doesn't have a cfg80211/nl80211 interface.

> I hardly belive that the libertas driver is the only "deep
> sleep" user. 

I think that ATH6K WLAN devices might be candidates for this, 
too. If the interface is "iwpriv XXX deepsleep 0" / "iwpriv XXX 
deepsleep 1" I don't see a reason they could do it similar.

> iwconfig has an interface for this I think:
> |interface power {period N|timeout N|saving N|off}

That's something very differently.


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