sd8686 linux system hang when associating to access point

Wood, Brian J brian.j.wood at
Fri Jun 5 15:04:46 EDT 2009

Hello all, 

I have an issue with my development platform that's using Marvell's 88w8686 wifi component. In the past I have been able to use the version 9 firmware when connecting to our corporate wifi testing network. Recently when trying to associate an essid with the wifi network the entire system will hang (like the SDIO controller has crashed). 

I'd like to help debug this issue, but don't know where to start gathering the information needed by the members of the mailing list. I have lbsdebug installed on the target, the kernel source recompiled to have debugging turned on (MMC, Libertas, etc...). My kernel source version is and is from the Moblin v2 project. The development platform is Intel Menlow based (like used in many of the current Netbooks). 

Since the system completely hangs trying to look for kernel oops or messages on the running system in the logfiles/dmesg isn't an option (until a reboot). I've been adding lots of printk's to the drivers files just so I could try and see how this is all unfolding up to the point where it dies. I just discovered the lbsdebug tool this morning and would like to gather the information most helpful to resolve the issue. :-)

I'm excited to help with this, so any advice of what to gather first would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you, 

Brian Wood
Intel Corporation 
UMG Platform Software Group (UPSG)
brian.j.wood at

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