libertas: command 1f timed out error

Ram kumar ramkumar.research at
Wed Sep 24 00:43:52 EDT 2008

hi ,

> Which exact firmware version are you using?  Also, what kernel version
> are you using, and is the driver you are using patched at all?

I guess when we modprobe the libertas_sdio module,it gives the
firmware version also.

>From that i guess the firmware version is fw 8.73.7p3

I am using a kernel version linux 2.6.25 and i have applied the patch
for firmware download,which i have mentioned in my last mail.

I dont know whether i have to apply any other patch for linux
2.6.25.Please let me know if there is any other patch to be applied to
correct this problem.....

# modprobe libertas_sdio
 libertas_sdio: Libertas SDIO driver
 libertas_sdio: Copyright Pierre Ossman

*******FIRMWARE VERSION************* //Commented by me for easy reference.

 libertas: 00:19:88:05:10:17, fw 8.73.7p3, cap 0x00000393

libertas: PREP_CMD: command 0x00a3 failed: 2
 libertas: PREP_CMD: command 0x00a3 failed: 2
 libertas: eth1: Marvell WLAN 802.11 adapter

> This particular problem looks like the firmware is just going off into
> the weeds and not responding to the last command it was sent within the
> right amount of time, thus the driver tries to poke it with a harmless
> command (GET_RSSI).

Please guide me what firmware to use for the correct working of the
libertas driver.Please give me the link where i can get those
firmwares....I know marvell doesn't play well with open source
community....but linuxwireless website has posted some links for
firmware for marvel...but i think those firmwares are old and it is
for USB interface.Please guide me what firmware version to use and
where to get it.......

> Also, could you modprobe the libertas module with
> "libertas_debug=0x5863a7" and post some logs?  That will spit out a lot
> of useful debuginfo into your kernel log buffer.

When i try

#modprobe libertas_sdio libertas_debug=0x5863a7    it says........

libertas_sdio: Unknown parameter 'libertas_debug'
FATAL: Error inserting libertas_sdio
unknown symbol in module)

Am i framing the modprobe command wrongly...???.Is the above syntax
for the modprobe command is correct....????

If not please guide me to frame the modprobe command....Please let me
know is there any patch to be applied to get the
libertas_debug=0x5863a7 to work....


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