WIP: new scanning framework

Holger Schurig hs4233 at mail.mn-solutions.de
Tue Jun 26 09:14:46 EDT 2007

> > wlan_scan_networks()
> Lets rename this to libertas_ instead of wlan_


> > 	for (i=0; i<MAX_RATES; i++) {
> > 		*tlv = libertas_bg_rates[i];
> > 		if (*tlv == 0)
> > 			break;
> > 		if (*tlv==0x02 || *tlv == 0x04 || *tlv == 0x0b || *tlv ==
> > 0x16) *tlv |= 0x80;
> Might want to add a  note here ^^^ that the |= 0x80 is because
> the firmware requires basic rates to have the MSB set.

> >         // TODO: the txpd is sent to the firmware, but
> > nothing happens
> I guess we'll have to check on this with CozyBit and/or
> Marvell.

Yeah, that's the bummer right now. Without it, I'd still be able 
to use most of the clearer framework, but need to re-schedule 
myself with a workqueue, to scan in pieces. I'd also again need 
the "full_scan"-parameter.

> The firmware spec seemed to indicate that we could get away
> with not sending the wake null frame if there was data to
> send, since the PS mode bit in the data frame would be 1
> already and therefore signal to the AP that we are leaving
> power save mode.


> However, then we have two cases, one where 
> there's no data queued and one where there is.

That is simple to test.

Also, I don't need to the send any of those NULL packets if I'm 
not connected, which I should test as well.

> All in all, it's a lot cleaner than what's there



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