Scanning problem for hidden SSIDs

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My chip is 8385 and firmware version is 5.0.16.

I have been following your mails about "Scanning problem for hidden SSIDs". I
have tried Holger's fix for scan, but the problem is same.

There is a difference between the problem i am facing and the problem
mentioned in your mails. In your case the scan request itself not going out
from the card, but in my case, probe request is going out from card and probe
responses are coming from different APs. But host driver not getting anyt AP

I checked the log of firmware by sending HostCmd_CMD_802_11_GET_LOG command
to firmware, it shows rx frames count is zeero and tx frames count is not zero.

One more important issue i have mentioned here. The linux version of my host
driver is working fine with same firmware. I am porting the linux verion host
driver to the application running in psosystems. I am calling the host driver
API's from one of the application tasks. The application to which i am porting
this driver was already working fine with another wlan card(Aironet).

Please help me to solve this problem.

Thanks & Regards,

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> > Since it's apparently GPL, feel free to borrow pieces.  Though I'd be
> > very reluctant to borrow the firmware-in-a-file from cf8385.h, I'd
> > rather see that in a binary that gets loaded with request_firmware()
> > like you're already doing.
> I agree. I already have a libertas-fwcutter.c program in the SVN project
> at This program (similar to the bcm43xx-fwcutter) can
> select a firmware from a binary driver (e.g. binary-only driver), check
> the MD5 and extract it.
> Maybe I add code there so that the fwcutter can use the source *.h files
> to create the binary, loadable image. That would be nice because the
> current firmware is from a binary 5.0.11 driver, and the firmware in
> the GPL driver is 5.0.16.
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