Scanning problem for hidden SSIDs

Dan Williams dcbw at
Fri Jun 22 07:32:28 EDT 2007

On Thu, 2007-06-21 at 20:31 +0200, Holger Schurig wrote:
> > Ok, that's good.  So now we make sure we know the firmware version
> > that the card has loaded, and then we start down the path of
> > version-specific codepaths, which is fine.
> I could check adapter->fwversion, but I don't need to. Simply because 
> the v5.1 firmware also understands the OPRATES TLV at this stage. So I 
> simply have to add that.
> However, the more I look at scan.c, the more ugly it is. Maybe I 
> re-write parts of it, so that it doesn't hurt the eyes as much and is 
> more clearly structured.

That would be good, it's really ugly code.  The problem is that the scan
is TLV-based, and that we can only scan 2 or 3 channels at a time before
a pause, and then scan the next 2 or 3.  However, there are some
instances (when we're disconnected and about to join a BSS if IBSS) that
it needs to scan all channels in one go without pausing.

We put the pause in because otherwise the card would sometimes loose
association during the scan because it was away from the associated
channel for too long.

If you do rewrite parts, keep that in mind :)


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