[PATCH 6/6] [WIP] libertas: add support for 8385 CompactFlash cards

Holger Schurig hs4233 at mail.mn-solutions.de
Tue Jun 19 11:30:57 EDT 2007

> >  /** INT status Bit Definition*/
> > -#define his_cmddnldrdy			0x01
> > -#define his_cardevent			0x02
> > -#define his_cmdupldrdy			0x04
> > +#define his_cmddnldrdy			0x0004
> > +#define his_cmdupldrdy			0x0008
> > +#define his_cardevent			0x0010
> Can you upper-case these?

They are uppercase, but I posted a patch against the wrong 
branch. In the patch against libertas-2.6 they are uppercase.

> Also, the 8686 SDIO driver defines 
> them this way; does that just mean that the SDIO part is
> different (in which case you should probably just make them CF
> specific?), or should they actually be the same?
> /** INT Status Bit Definition*/
> #define HIS_RxUpLdRdy 0x01
> #define HIS_TxDnLdRdy 0x02
> #define HIS_CmdDnLdRdy 0x04
> #define HIS_CardEvent 0x08
> #define HIS_CmdUpLdRdy 0x10
> #define HIS_WrFifoOvrflow 0x20
> #define HIS_RdFifoUndrflow 0x40
> #define HIS_WlanReady 0x80

Yes, they have other bitfields, and if you compare the 3 ones I'm 
using, you see that they have the same values as the SDIO ones. 
That's to be expected, because SDIO and CF directly access the 
registers of the WLAN chip.

The USB driver used to work with completely different bits set, 
because here the bit's aren't used to directly access chip 
registers. USB set's them by itself, see usb_int_cause in 
if_usb, and so it doesn't care what bit values they are, as long 
as they are different.

By changing them from the old values (1,2,4) to the new ones that 
reflect the hardware register (4,8,10) I'm saving a translation.

BTW: I'm sending an updated version of my driver against 
branch "libertas" ASAP.

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