[LEDE-DEV] [wiki] LEDE / OpenWrt wiki merge

Thomas Endt tmo26 at gmx.de
Sat Jan 20 07:56:45 PST 2018

Short status regarding the wiki merge:
- c/o OpenWrt wiki styling: Prepared, can be implemented with a click
  I didn't switch yet to the OpenWrt styling, since IMHO this would confuse
users, seeing two identically styled wikis, but with different content.
- Merge process: Some thoughts on the details of the merge process cast into
a presentation:
-> https://lede-project.org/_media/wiki/openwrt_lede_wiki_merge.pdf

Please see this as a proposal with many "???". I am really unsure if I'm
seeing things more complicated than they are.
Your thoughts, questions and comments are very welcome.


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