[LEDE-DEV] Lede/Openwrt documentation

Javier Domingo Cansino javierdo1 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 16:02:17 PDT 2017

> To clarify: the "convert dokuwiki to git" thing I was talking about is
> just a technical possibility for merging the OpenWrt wiki and the LEDE
> wiki.  I was certainly not suggesting to switch to a completely new system
> for the wiki: I think it's fine as it is for most of the documentation.

Yes, it just gave me the idea.

> I think you are right, we can do markdown for now and later change
> some pages if required,... Although it doesn't have ToC primitives,
> etc.

I must take back this. I have been juggling with the program to
convert between different markups, and sadly realised that it's not
going to be possible to have cross references etc. using markdown

Also, I had a look on the amount of content of the wiki, and counted
around 400+ entries.. not including pkgdata or toh content. I need to
devise a way to make the migration properly. For now, I believe that
because of all the corner cases on linking etc. I will just migrate by
hand using a couple of markup conversion scripts + manual editing.

If someone is interested in helping with this, please don't hesitate.
I will see how much I can do in the next few days,


Javier Domingo Cansino

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