[LEDE-DEV] Lede/Openwrt documentation

Richard Kunze richard.kunze at web.de
Fri Oct 27 08:13:32 PDT 2017

Hello everybody,

here my 2 cents:

 > This system would work through PRs in github, and the user could link
 > "Edit this file in github", which would direct him to the file, and
 > there he would be able to click on "Fork and edit", and then submit a
 > pull request.

 From my experience, this works pretty well: Click on the "edit" button 
on the web site, get asked for github credentials, get dumped into the 
github editor for the page (as far as I remember GH even automatically 
forks the repository if you don't have a fork already), and if you save 
the file a PR is generated.

If someone wnats to see an example in action, I've set up a system like 
this (based on Github Pages, with markdown as documentation format 
because that is what GH pages/Jekyll uses) at http://cfw.ftcommunity.de.

 > Also, if desired I can configure sphinx with markdown support, so that
 > Markdown can be used to write docs, however my experience is that you
 > will end up turning everything into RST, therefore I would just add a
 > link to http://rst.ninjs.org/ or http://rst.aaroniles.net/ so that the
 > user can look on it.

If you want to use the GH editor, I'd go with markdown. For markdown, 
the GH web editor has syntax highlighting and and (more important) a 
usable preview mode, for RST all you get is a very simple plain text editor.

best regards,


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