[LEDE-DEV] 34c3 CyberCompetenceCenter Infrastructure

Arne Zachlod arne at nerdkeller.org
Thu Oct 26 08:46:32 PDT 2017

Dear Free Infrastructure Enthusiasts,

as you know the 34c3 is taking place in Leipzig and the organ team wants
to shift more of the planning to the Communities. 
The orga wants to place all assemblies that have an infrastructure focus
into a "CyberCompetenceCenter Infratsructure" :) The years before we
have been placed anyways nearby by the assembly-orga ...

Since Freifunk had already last year a speakers corner with some
sessions, we have been asked to organize a stage for the
CyberCompetenceCenter Infrastructure. 

Our current planning consists on 4 parts we will organize for all
Infra-Assemblies or people in common, but we need your support to make
it happen:

An Exhibition area
-> Please provide us Infrastructure pieces, posters or projections or
whatever … 

A stage - We hope to have video streaming
-> Please contribute to program with updates regarding your network,
talks, quizzes, panels, discussions …
-> Also I had the idea to show videos/documentaries in the evening, like
from the Argentinians or Sarantaporo -> please send me links (lost them)
-> Please invite speakers, you find interesting in terms of community or
infrastructure topics, if they are attending the congress …
unfortunately we cannot sponsor travel costs 
-> Please enter your session here: https://wiki.freifunk.net/34c3/Timetable

Info desk
-> Please bring or send flyers, buttons, stickers, books … if you need a
postal address, please send me an email

A Chillout area
-> Sofas … we will organize that ;)

-> We also do need help in terms of decoration and stage heralds (to
start video and help speakers) and a DJs for the Infra-Drinkup!
-> Join the OrgaMailinglist
here: https://lists.freifunk.net/mailman/listinfo/34c3-orga-freifunk.net
-> Do spread this mail to your channels or other groups that may be
interested in infra topics! 

Who is attending the 34c3? We look forward to meet with you and
collaborate for a gorgeous infrastructure space!

Greetings from the Freifunk 34c3 Orgateam

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