[LEDE-DEV] Linksys WRT54GL / image builder

Mikael Bak mbak at fxnet.hu
Fri Oct 20 01:44:46 PDT 2017


I have been using the image builder in the past to generate custom 
images with additional packages for my other TP-LINK routers, and that 
works fine.

Now I would like to use an old Linksys WRT54GL as an access point and 
would like to generate a custom image with a minimal set of packages 
(without luci and some other stuff).

My question is: How can I know what packages I must include when 
building the image with the image builder in order to get the device to 
boot and be able to login via ssh?

Something like this:
$ make image PROFILE=linksys-wrt54g PACKAGES="[what should be here?]"

Thanks for all the hard work with lede/openwrt!


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