[LEDE-DEV] test at91 target with kernel 4.9

Ben Whitten ben.whitten at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 01:55:06 PDT 2017

Hi Sandeep,

> 4.       make kernel_menuconfig CONFIG_TARGET=at91. Changed few things below
> and attached update config-4.9 file.
> A.      enabled CONFIG_SOC_SAM_V7=y
> B.      enabled CONFIG_SOC_SAMA5=y,  CONFIG_SOC_SAMA5D2=y,

I think you are looking for 'make kernel_menuconfig CONFIG_TARGET=subtarget'
this will use the config for the subtarget selected in the previous step.
Turning on SOC_SAMA5* for all at91, including legacy, is likely not
what you want.

> 1.       Whenever we do Kernel_menuconfig or oldconfig with
> CONFIG_SUBTARGET=sama5 or legacy, the scripts/kconfig.pl just pick the
> config-4.9 file from root of target/linux/at91/ folder. However there is a
> config file available in target/linux/at91/<subtarget> folder which has a
> target specific config’s which I have enable above and these config does not
> gets applied automatically. Do I need move these config’s to
> target/linux/at91/configs-4.9 file.
> 2.       How do we differentiate subtarget specific kernel configs ? (i.e
> for example, legacy uses armv5 instructions and sama5 needs arm v7
> instructions)

'CONFIG_SUBTARGET' doesn't exist use 'CONFIG_TARGET=subtarget' where
the subtarget to be modified has been selected using menuconfig.
With the above option dont replace 'subtarget' with the subtarget name.

Kind regards,

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