[LEDE-DEV] KRACK (Key Reinstallation Attacks), now patched upstream in hostapd

Aaron Z aczlan+ledev at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 15:40:21 PDT 2017

On Tue, Oct 17, 2017 at 3:24 AM, Felix Fietkau <nbd at nbd.name> wrote:
> On 2017-10-17 01:53, Jim Gettys wrote:
> > Will this require a upgrade of the base image, or can we just upgrade
> > packages?  If so,
> > which ones?
> >                                       - Jim
> Updating wpad(-mini) should be enough.
Is the base image now updated, or would one still need to update wpad
after installing a freshly downloaded 17.01.3 image?
I ask because the packages have an edit date of today while the base
image is dated 4 Oct.
If the base image hasn't been updated, I would think that it should be
so that fresh installs are protected going forward.


Aaron Z

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