[LEDE-DEV] Need review of Perl bump to 5.26.1

Philip Prindeville philipp_subx at redfish-solutions.com
Tue Oct 17 15:36:40 PDT 2017


We’re currently at Perl 5.24.1 but there are some known CVE’s in that version.  5.26.1 was recently released with fixes.

New architecture specific parameters were added with 5.26.1 to the configuration, as well as a couple of new functions which (as best I can tell), both MUSL and glibc either both offer or both don’t offer... so that simplified that a bit.

The changes are straightforward.


I opportunistically tried to get rid of some noise from rules trying to remove targets which hadn’t been built yet when trying to (re)build those targets.  That’s a self-contained patch and replaces:

	- at rm -f xyzzy


	@$(RMS) xyzzy


RMS:=rm -f

is a pre-existing macro.  I added a similar macro for when “rm -rf” is being done.

Not strictly necessary but it gets rid of noise to stderr and rules failing (Ignored).

Since there ARE known and remedied CVE’s, I’d like to move quickly on this.

Can anyone pull my patch and try it?  I’ve tested it for x86_64 but all other targets (including i486) need testing.

Or, just eyeballing the PR and reviewing it would be good, too.



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