[LEDE-DEV] [PATCH] ipq806x: add ap.dk01.1 board support

Mathias Kresin dev at kresin.me
Mon Oct 16 00:37:28 PDT 2017

15.10.2017 20:32, Roman Yeryomin:
> - add partitions
> - enable wifi and ethernet
> - set max cpu speed to 710MHz
> - set memory size to 256MB
> - add image generation
> - extract pre-cal data from ART partition
> Wirespeed NAT can be achieved with spreading rx interrupts over different cores.
> Wifi needs love -- too slow. Could be that latest ath10k helps, didn't test yet.
> Signed-off-by: Roman Yeryomin <roman at advem.lv>

Hey Roman,

would you please follow https://lede-project.org/submitting-patches and 
include in your commit message a short description of the hardware and 
how to install LEDE on it. Have a look at the recent additions for some 

Recently it has been once more shown that it's unnecessary hard to fix 
issues/bugs of a particular board if no one knows what kind 
flash/wifi/phy/whatever chip is used on a board.

Furthermore, without these informations a proper review of your patch is 

Is this patch for the/a QCA reference board or for an off the shelf 
board based on the reference design?


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