[LEDE-DEV] test omap target with kernel 4.9

Alexander Couzens lynxis at fe80.eu
Sun Oct 15 17:30:13 PDT 2017

Hi Hauke,

I've tested your tree.

panda-board a3 - works, but no network, but master/4.4 doesn't have network either.
panda-board-a4 - u-boot SPL refuse to boot.
beaglebone-black - works

beagle-board - usb attached network doesn't come up and I doesn't have a serial around.
beagle-board-xm - ToDo: image code is missing.

However, I like to merge it. I'll fix the problems later.

Acked-by: Alexander Couzens <lynxis at fe80.eu>

Alexander Couzens

mail: lynxis at fe80.eu
jabber: lynxis at fe80.eu
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