[LEDE-DEV] ipset-dns - does anybody actually use this?

Jason A. Donenfeld Jason at zx2c4.com
Sat Oct 7 16:48:27 PDT 2017


I'm upstream on the ipset-dns project:

It's a part of a core LEDE repo:

Pretty soon after I wrote ipset-dns, I thought it was kind of a
hassle, and so I rewrote the whole thing instead as a patch to
dnsmasq, submitted it upstream to Simon, and it was accepted. This
seems to work much more easily than my original ipset-dns, and I
imagine it's what most people use for that kind of thing on LEDE.
Funny enough, when I look at the git repo for ipset-dns, on February
15, 2013, I made the "initial commit." On the 23rd, 8 days later, I
added a note telling people to use dnsmasq instead.

In spite of this, it went into LEDE, and I assume people used it in
between then and whenever my patch inside of dnsmasq was released in a
version that was inside of LEDE.

But this was all years ago.

So, I'm wondering: does anybody actually use ipset-dns? Does it have
any utility? As cool as it is having a piece of my code in the core
LEDE repo, I can't help wondering if it should be removed...

If somebody still uses it, great; that's the beauty of open source.
But if not, it's something to think about removing maybe. Just FYI.


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