[LEDE-DEV] kernel 4.9 migration for next release

p.wassi at gmx.at p.wassi at gmx.at
Wed Oct 4 06:58:19 PDT 2017

Hi Hauke, Hi Rafal,

> The following targets are on kernel 4.4 and need a upgrade to kernel 4.9
> to be included:
> * brcm47xx
> 	4.9 patches available
> 	Some devices have problems with "big" kernel images
> 	@Rafał: did you explain this in some mail in detail were you saw
> 	these problems, I would like to investigate this.

The WL500gPv2 is working fine (see [1]).
The WRT54GL is one of the devices, which always had problems with 4.9
(and also 4.4 in trunk with KALLSYMS enabled)

@Hauke: I just did some kind of 'investigation' and probably found a solution
or at least a workaround for me. But as I'm not an expert in CFE and booting,
I have no idea whether (and why) my findings really are the issue's origins.
And if this can be fixed in the loader or must be fixed in the CFE.
Please check out (and maybe also try yourself) what I've documented at [2].

My WRT54GLs are now booting kernel 4.9 :-) 
(Being happy to (still) have 'current trunk' on the good old WRTs)

P. Wassi



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