[LEDE-DEV] [RFC] Need help to support CPU frequency setting on Mikrotik RB devices

Thibaut hacks at slashdirt.org
Mon Feb 27 03:28:48 PST 2017


I’m currently working with Alex Samorukov on bringing cpu frequency setting to rbcfg for Mikrotik Routerboards devices, and in doing so, we would need a bit of input from people owning that hardware and running LEDE on it:

1. output of `cat /proc/cpuinfo`
2. output of `dmesg | grep board=`
3. if possible, whether or not RouterBOOT offers a “cpu frequency” setting (typically under key ‘f’) at boot time
4. if possible, for various cpu frequency settings (ideally for all of them), the output of `dmesg | grep Clocks; hexdump -C /dev/mtdblockN` where mtdblockN is the soft_config partition. Please provide this output at least once, even if there’s no frequency setting.
5. Finally, which frequency setting is the factory default one

We already have the data for the RB mAP lite and hAP lite.

I think that covers it!

Thanks in advance,

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