[LEDE-DEV] replacing mountd with blockd - looking for testers

John Crispin john at phrozen.org
Mon Feb 27 02:48:23 PST 2017

On 27/02/2017 11:43, Alberto Bursi wrote:
> On 02/27/2017 11:20 AM, John Crispin wrote:
>> Hi,
>> * support for eject buttons and LEDs
> Can this daemon light up a led every time a specific mounted partition 
> is accessed (read/written)?

not yet, which is why this action item is listed under the "What else
should we add" section. however the idea is that you can specify the led
either in the mount section or the global section.

> There are quite a few NAS devices that have 2+ disk activity leds (one 
> for each disk) that could really use a generic system instead of adding 
> patches to drivers/kernel.

dont get this, why is a kernel patch required ? if there is an
appropriate trigger at hand, we will use it otherwise it will be

* off - no device attached
* on - device attached
* blink - device mounted


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