[LEDE-DEV] [PATCH] Lantiq Amazon-SE SoC / ADSL Modem Allnet All0333CJ Rev.C

Tino Reichardt list-lede at mcmilk.de
Fri Feb 24 06:40:45 PST 2017

* Bastian Bittorf <bb at npl.de> wrote:
> * Tino Reichardt <list-lede at mcmilk.de> [24.02.2017 13:30]:
> > I have created a small homepage for the patch, it is located here:
> > https://mcmilk.de/projects/all0333cj/
> the only way flashing it, is using a serial line?

Currently yes, this modem has also an hiffen webinterface, maybe there
is a possibility to update the firmware. But most stuff in this
webinterface seems unstable, thats may be the reason, why it is hidden.

Hidden Webinterface on default Firmware:, with
user "admin" and password: "coolwhite"

Telnet on Port 23 is also there. I will check, if it can be upgraded via
telnet or webinterface.

Best regards, TR

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