[LEDE-DEV] kmod-ebtables: install fails

yanosz freifunk at yanosz.net
Sun Feb 19 04:48:04 PST 2017


I've some trouble installing kmod-ebtables on lede 17.01 rc2.

root at Node-2:/etc/config# opkg install kmod-ebtables
Package kmod-ebtables (4.4.47-1) installed in root is up to date.
Configuring kmod-ebtables.
ebtable_broute is already loaded
ebtable_filter is already loaded
ebtable_nat is already loaded
ebt_802_3 is already loaded
ebt_among is already loaded
ebt_limit is already loaded
ebt_mark_m is already loaded
ebt_pkttype is already loaded
ebt_stp is already loaded
ebt_vlan is already loaded
ebt_mark is already loaded
ebt_redirect is already loaded
Collected errors:
 * pkg_run_script: package "kmod-ebtables" postinst script returned
status 255.
 * opkg_configure: kmod-ebtables.postinst returned 255.

uname -a
root at Node-2:/etc/config# uname -a
Linux Node-2 4.4.47 #0 Mon Feb 6 21:34:28 2017 mips GNU/Linux

I don't know what went wrong .. ebtables looks usable ... It seems like
kmod-ebtables is suprised by its modules already been loaded ...

Greetz, yanosz
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