[LEDE-DEV] 17.01-rc2 install on wrt1200ac

John Ricardo johnricardo03 at mail.com
Mon Feb 13 18:39:05 PST 2017

I just updated from openwrt 15.05.01 to lede 17.01-rc2 on my WRT1200AC.  The update went well but you can't keep your settings.  Once I unchecked the keep settings option the update worked great.  In the few minutes I have been using it the wifi is much better than openwrt.  Before my android would take about 5 seconds to connect and occasionally drop and reconnect to the router.  Now my phone connects in a second and it seems more reliable.  Please keep up the good work. 

Now if I can lede on my mikrotik and IPv6 working I would be a very a happy person.

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