[LEDE-DEV] Lantiq XWAY Linux 4.9 Internal Switch Ports NO-CARRIER

hamsi2k at freenet.de hamsi2k at freenet.de
Mon Feb 13 13:07:05 PST 2017

I think I found something interesting (and an workaround):
In 4.4 at the phy_device init there is only set the
phydev->state = PHY_READY;

while in 4.9 there is a 
/* Initial carrier state is off as the phy is about to be
* (re)initialized.
*/netif_carrier_off(phydev->attached_dev);call. This explains the behavior and after removing this line the network
is working.

But the question is, why the internal phy comes sends no link up event while the external port
does this?

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