[LEDE-DEV] [PATCH] BT Home Hub 5A: configure Red Ethernet as DMZ interface (FS#490) and fix Red Ethernet switch port (FS#390)

Mathias Kresin dev at kresin.me
Sun Feb 12 07:56:04 PST 2017

12.02.2017 15:55, Felix Fietkau:
> @Mathias: could you perhaps refactor the commits to put the wan->xwan
> rename *after* the ethernet port VLAN change?
> I'm also a bit sceptical about the interface rename and would like to
> discuss this further, but I think the VLAN change is important enough to
> get it in the tree soon.

I'm not entirely sure if I got your concerns right.

The overall objective is to have an out of the box usable ethernet wan 
port beside the xdsl wan. My approach is to use the wan network name for 
ethernet wan ports only. A few month ago, we had already a discussion 
about renaming wan to ewan to make clear that it is the ethernet wan 
network. But I was the only one who was the opinion that it was a good 
idea and I discarded this approach.

The xwan network is intended to be used for router having an ethernet 
wan port and a 3G/4G modem as well.

None of the commits should break anything. The xwan network has the same 
default firewall settings as the wan network. In the end it doesn't 
really matter to which network an interface belongs. It should work the 
same way for both. Existing configs should work as before, since the it 
isn't really a rename of the wan network. I just add a new network and 
old configs would use the still existing wan network.

It is quite unlikely that the vlan change breaks anything. The default 
vlan config is only changed for devices which are having the lantiq,wan 
device tree property. The port with this dt property is exposed as eth1 
but not configured/considered by default in any way.

It is even more worse. The eth1 interface can not be used as it is. Due 
to xrx200 switch driver oddities, the lantiq,wan interface gets the vlan 
2 assigned without being mentioned in ucidef_add_switch. If the user 
wants to use this interface (s)he need to add a not that obvious 
configuration (eth1.2 instead of eth1). To use a different vlan than 2 
for the lantiq,wan interface, the user needs to change the default vlan 
config despite the lantiq,wan interface doesn't look like related to the 
switch config (eth1 instead of eth0.n).

I'm fine to discuss any ideas to fix/workaround the limitations. I have 
this commit in my staging tree since a few months and so far I have no 
idea how to fix/workaround the limitations in a better way.


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