[LEDE-DEV] [PATCH] BT Home Hub 5A: configure Red Ethernet as DMZ interface (FS#490) and fix Red Ethernet switch port (FS#390)

Felix Fietkau nbd at nbd.name
Sat Feb 11 13:49:35 PST 2017

On 2017-02-11 21:53, Mauro M. wrote:
> @Mathias
> On this router, that has already a WAN xDSL port, another WAN port is 
> not a priority. If one wants to use the Red Ethernet as you intend to, 
> one would use a different router that does not have an xDSL WAN.
> I do not want to test your staging tree because your analysis is flawed, 
> you refuse to listen to input and feedback and therefore it would be a 
> waste of my time. You should make an effort to be less hostile in your 
> comments.
> I am very satisfied with the change I posted on lede-dev because it is 
> simple, backward compatible and it does exactly what is required. And 
> yes it removes port 5 definition which is also in your patch. Thank you.
> You may close the request.
Hey Mauro,

please don't take Mathias' feedback as hostile, it really isn't. His
patch seems to take the same basic approach as yours, so I would
consider his request for testing his staging tree reasonable.
While you can treat the extra port in your configuration as a 'dmz'
interface, I don't think it is reasonable for the default config.
You should be able to make your configuration work even with his changes.
Could you please run the test even if you still like your change better?

Note that other devices (e.g. the Buffalo WBMR-300HPD) have a similar
configuration where one ethernet port can also be used as an optional
WAN port.

Thanks for looking into this,

- Felix

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