[LEDE-DEV] build problem of e2fsprogs (libext2fs)

e9hack e9hack at gmail.com
Sat Feb 11 00:33:12 PST 2017

Am 11.02.2017 um 08:56 schrieb e9hack:
> Afterwards
> I do a 'make clean; make' for package e2fsprogs only and copy libext2fs.so.2.4 to the router. Now fcsk.ext4 can be
> execute. The size of the not working version of libext2fs.so.2.4 is 257168 bytes and size of the correct version is
> 272916 bytes.

The size of different build methods isn't different. But for some reason is the size of libext2fs.so.2.4 different in
its build directory (e2fsprogs-1.43.4/ipkg-mips_74kc) and in the root directory (root-ar71xx/usr/lib). I check this for
some other libs (mbedtls, liblua). There is no size difference.


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