[LEDE-DEV] ar711xx MikroTik conflicting image recommendation

John Ricardo johnricardo03 at mail.com
Sun Feb 5 13:39:54 PST 2017

Hello Everyone,
I just purchased a MikroTik RB493G that I would like to try 17.01-rc1 on.  I found the page:
and it says to use the generic ar71xx images
However https://lede-project.org/toh/start?dataflt%5BBrand*%7E%5D=mikrotik&dataflt%5BModel*%7E%5D=rb493g
refers me to openwrt.org and a page that hasn't been touched since 12.09.
I have also read the thread
MikroTik RouterBoard ar71xx changes by Felix Fietkau but it lacks detailed directions for me to follow.
Which imsage should I use and what is the best way to try it out?

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