[LEDE-DEV] NETSHe mac80211 GPL sources

Stanislav V. Korsakov s.korsakov at netshe-lab.ru
Thu Feb 2 22:35:30 PST 2017

Hi Daniel,

Please check this article http://netshe.ru/wirelessstack to understand
layering of our modifications in Linux wireless stack. You can see that
we add proprietary licensed and dual licensed drivers in wireless stack.
We provide our GPLed and dual licensed source codes to our customer only.
Not our source code is available at http://gw.stasoft.net/dl/

Can you tell me what is your real interest?

Regards, Stas

On 03.02.2017 03:43, Daniel Golle wrote:
> Hi!
> NETSHe offers a modified version of ath9k, mac80211 and cfg80211 which
> offers support for TDMA, see:
> http://netshe.ru/files/doc/en/TDMA_brief_en.pdf
> Where to download the sourcecode of mac80211 and the modified drivers?
> Cheers
> Daniel

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