[LEDE-DEV] [RFC] mvebu: simplify etc/board.d/02_network

p.wassi at gmx.at p.wassi at gmx.at
Mon Oct 31 17:35:05 PDT 2016

> years back a patch was posted to switch registration order of
> eth0/eth1 for TL-WR720N-v3 to allow failsafe on port labeled LAN.
> That patch was posted because it may cause trouble existing users
> doing sysupgrade preserving existing configs [1].  I think the same
> consideration still applies here.

As far as I understand, the patch you mentioned swapped eth0 and eth1
in hardware. So the CPU's ethernet ports were renamed.
This is not the case here. All hardware ports remain untouched, it's just
the assignment of the CPU's ports to the external switch ports which is changed.
(In fact, only /etc/config/network is touched, but will remain fully compatible
to any config which is backup'ed/restored during a sysupgrade)

Best regards,
P. Wassi

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