[LEDE-DEV] Actual community change and additional developers compared to OpenWrt

edgar.soldin at web.de edgar.soldin at web.de
Mon Oct 24 10:38:22 PDT 2016

On 24.10.2016 19:26, Val Kulkov wrote:
> Hi Jo,
>>>> Part of the  problem, I
>>>> think, is the lack of clear and consistent (and  visible) governance and
>>>> communication makes the project unappealing for  companies to be
>>>> interested in paying developers to work on  either.  It's not enough to
>>>> have code and commits, there needs to be a  communications strategy as
>>>> well, or the projects will die.
>>> I think it's mostly because of the usual reasons in opensource projects.
>>> Core developers are overloaded, and in what little time they have they
>>> prefer to code (understandable, but same self-defying issues in OpenWRT).
>> IMHO this summarizes the current situation quite nicely and I'd say I
>> agree with it completely.
>> Note that we're trying to slowly dig ourselves out of the hole we made
>> ourselves over the years but it requires time and dedication. I for
>> example would love to lean back a bit and start caring more about
>> community matters and communication but before I can do that, we need to
>> find some more people compensate the missing developer time.
> I think some communication from the core team is essential to the
> overall health of the project. It is difficult to get a sense of
> direction and priorities from the discussions here or at Github. When
> the core team is silent on what's going on, people get frustrated
> because they don't see where the project is going.
> Even a brief post from the core team to this mailing list, outlining
> short and/or long term objectives and any other relevant matters,
> would go a long way towards creating the sense of direction. The
> communication does not have to perfect, but it has to be regular.
> IMHO, a half an hour (or less) of someone's time to outline what's
> going on, on a monthly basis, would be much appreciated by most of us.
> It would demonstrate that the core team is engaged and cares about the
> community.

a simple grep/posting of the #agreed/#action lines from your meeting logs could be a good start.


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